ROYAL HUNT: 'Fistful Of Misery' Video Released

ROYAL HUNT: 'Fistful Of Misery' Video Released

“Fistful Of Misery”, the new video from Danish power and progressive metal masters ROYAL HUNT, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band’s 14th studio album, “Cast in Stone”, which was released in Japan on February 7 by King Records and in the rest of the world on February 21 by NorthPoint Productions.

“Cast in Stone” track listing:

01. Fistful Of Misery
02. The Last Soul Alive
03. Sacrifice
04. The Wishing Well
05. Cast In Stone
06. A Million Ways To Die
07. Rest In Peace
08. Save Me II

Formed in 1989, ROYAL HUNT is the brainchild of keyboardist and main songwriter André Andersen, whose goal was to combine basic values of classic rock with progressive, current musical elements.

Says Andersen: “This album took a while to complete… mind you, between the very first idea and until the final mix, we did two tours and released two live albums… so this one’s been in the making for quite some time. In a way, it’s been very practical: you could work on it for a while, than go on doing something else and then come back later to re-evaluate what’s been done before. As a result, all songs on the album are solid and well crafted, showing every aspect of ROYAL HUNT today: originality, catchy hooks, strong melodies, great musicianship and larger-than-life production. On that — the production — we definitely did quite a job: all the vital recorded parts were done in analog as well as the final mixing/mastering so there’re no ‘loudness wars’ in sight; no brickwall limited, over-compressed, lifeless wall of sound… the album breaths just like a real rock album should. I could also go on for hours praising everybody’s contribution — musicians and singers alike — but as my opinion will inevitably be very biased, I would prefer to leave the final judgment to you… after all this album’s been made for you to enjoy (although we’re enjoying it immensely ourselves at the moment).”


André Andersen – keyboards
DC Cooper – vocals
Andreas Passmark – bass
Jonas Larsen – guitar
Andreas HABO Johansson – drums

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ROYAL HUNT: 'Fistful Of Misery' Video Released
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OZZY OSBOURNE Sues Concert Promoter Over Booking Policy

OZZY OSBOURNE Sues Concert Promoter Over Booking Policy

According to TMZ, Ozzy Osbourne has filed a lawsuit against AEG, claiming concert agency is “blackmailing” him. The BLACK SABBATH singer has alleged that AEG is using a practice called “block-booking” to force him to perform at the Staples Center in Los Angeles against his wishes.

Ozzy had tentatively agreed to perform at London’s O2 Arena on February 11, 2019 as part of his “No More Tours 2” farewell run, but he claims that AEG added a provision stating that if Osbourne played an indoor arena within 25 miles of Los Angeles that was promoted by competitor Live Nation during the tour, he would have to play the AEG-owned Staples Center as well.

Ozzy feels this is effectively a violation of the antitrust laws, which prohibit businesses from gaining a stranglehold on customers.

Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy‘s wife and business manager, publicly complained about having to sign the Staples Center Commitment, but AEG would not relent,” the complaint reads. “Ozzy commences this action (on his own behalf and for all similarly situated artists) to prohibit AEG from enforcing the Staples Center Commitment, an unlawful tying arrangement that unfairly leverages AEG‘s dominance in greater London to distort and deter competition in greater Los Angeles.”

Osbourne wants a judge to invalidate the provision in his contract that forces him to perform at Staples.

Last month, Ozzy‘s wife and manager Sharon shared a a fiery letter she sent to AEG in which she condemned the act that would force the rock icon to perform at the Los Angeles venue as part of a deal for a scheduled concert at the O2 Arena.

She wrote: “Shame on AEG for bringing artists into a power struggle you’re having with your competitor, Live Nation. I can assure you that Live Nation would never strong-arm an artist into playing a venue they’re not comfortable performing in.”

AEG Live chairman/CEO Jay Maricano responded, “Dear Sharon, Thank you for your note. Please understand this dispute is between The Forum and Staples Center and we couldn’t agree with you more — it should always be the artist’s choice. We long for the days when artists and fans came first. PS — The other guys started this first!”

Sharon responded a day later, saying: “This is a staggering attempt to blackmail Ozzy into playing your venue in Los Angeles. It is also a complete abuse of bargaining power and not conducive to a free market.”

Sharon threatened legal action against AEG if Ozzy‘s London date was not confirmed, adding: “I find the way you’re conducting yourself and your company to be no more than childish playground tactics. I cannot be involved in a squabble between two venue owning promoters as my interests only lie 100 percent with Ozzy.”

Variety reported that AEG‘s O2/Staples requirement came about in response to a challenge from MSG that found the company refusing to book acts into Madison Square Garden if they played at AEG‘s Staples Center in Los Angeles instead of the MSG-operated Forum. In response, AEG informed agents and promoters that acts who perform at The Forum instead of Staples will not be booked at London’s O2 Arena.

Ozzy‘s final world tour kicks off this spring with dates in Mexico, South America and Europe, coming to North America in August. It’s slated to last until 2020.
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OZZY OSBOURNE Sues Concert Promoter Over Booking Policy
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JUDAS PRIEST's RICHIE FAULKNER: Playing With GLENN TIPTON Again Was 'A Goosebump Moment'

JUDAS PRIEST's RICHIE FAULKNER: Playing With GLENN TIPTON Again Was 'A Goosebump Moment'

Richie Faulkner says that Glenn Tipton‘s first performance with JUDAS PRIEST since he stepped down from the band due to his battle with Parkinson’s disease was a “goosebump moment.”

Last night, during PRIEST‘s show at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, the band welcomed Tipton for its three-song encore, playing blistering versions of “Metal Gods”, “Breaking The Law” and “Living After Midnight”, much to the delight of the thousands of fans in attendance.

During an interview earlier today with Jonathan Clarke of Q104.3‘s “Out Of The Box”, Faulkner praised his bandmate as a “hero” and described the experience of playing with Glenn again as “phenomenal.”

The guitarist said (see video below): “We always said that, obviously, due to Glenn‘s situation, he will be stepping down slightly from touring, but he will be back at some stage. And in true Glenn Tipton hero form, there he was at the Prudential in front of all the metal maniacs, and they went absolutely ballistic. I mean, you can imagine — it was like a goosebump moment; it was phenomenal. And we went straight into ‘Metal Gods’, which is pretty fitting. It was a ‘metal god’ right there, and it’s just a testament to how much of a hero Glenn Tipton is.”

PRIEST singer Rob Halford was also full of admiration for his longtime bandmate, describing Tipton‘s guitar-playing style as “remarkable. His heritage really comes from the blues. And the blues started everything — the blues was there before even rock and roll came into existence,” Rob said. “So Glenn‘s bones in metal are really embedded in the blues, and that’s how he grew from that experience as a guitar player. And that’s his style, that’s the Glenn Tipton sound. And the Glenn Tipton way of playing guitar is very special and very unique.”

Although Tipton played on PRIEST‘s new studio album, “Firepower”, he is being replaced on tour by the LP’s producer, Andy Sneap.

Glenn recently told Guitar World that his decision to step down from the “Firepower” tour was not one that he took lightly. “I decided that it was really going to be too much for me,” he said. “With the medication and the time zone changes and everything else, I realized it was time to retire — from touring at least.”

“I don’t ever want to compromise JUDAS PRIEST. It’s too big a part of my life,” he added.

Tipton said that “even up to the rehearsal stage,” he was capable of playing 99 percent of all the PRIEST material, “but you can have good days and bad days with Parkinson’s, and I didn’t want to go onstage with that possibility looming,” he explained. “I wanted to go onstage with total confidence if I was going to do it.”

Asked if he has hand tremors, muscle stiffness or balance issues, all of which are symptoms of Parkinson’s, Tipton said: “I don’t suffer too much from tremors. It’s more coordination and getting up to speed. It’s almost like you’ve got a governor sitting at the speed you can go to and you can’t go through the barrier. And if you’ve seen PRIEST onstage, with the adrenaline rushes, you can see why that might be a problem.”

Glenn also didn’t close the door on the possibility of contributing material to another PRIEST studio album once the group is done with the “Firepower” cycle. “I’ll see how the band feels when they finish the tour,” he said. “With regards to writing, I sincerely hope I maintain a contribution to the band in terms of songs and composition.”

JUDAS PRIEST kicked off the “Firepower” world tour on March 13 at Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

“Firepower” was released on March 9 via Epic. The follow-up to 2014’s “Redeemer Of Souls” was recorded by Sneap, the band’s longtime collaborator Tom Allom and engineer Mike Exeter (BLACK SABBATH). The cover artwork for “Firepower” was created by the Chilean/Italian artist Claudio Bergamin.

The North American leg of the “Firepower” tour will wrap on May 1 in San Antonio, Texas.

Rob Halford and Richie Faulkner from Judas Priest are LIVE with Jonathan Clarke

Posted by Q104.3's Out of the Box on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nothing could have made me happier than to see this! Welcome back Glenn! Amazing set from Judas Priest.

Posted by Erik Luftglass on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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JUDAS PRIEST's RICHIE FAULKNER: Playing With GLENN TIPTON Again Was 'A Goosebump Moment'
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WILL HAVEN: Entire 'Muerte' Album Available For Streaming

WILL HAVEN: Entire 'Muerte' Album Available For Streaming

“Muerte”, the sixth full-length album from noise metal legends WILL HAVEN, can be streamed in its entireyt below. The disc will be released on March 23 via Minus Head Records.

The origins of WILL HAVEN can be traced back to 1995, when they first emerged as a staple in Sacramento, California’s storied underground. For over two decades, they’ve existed on the fringe of extreme music — championing an apocalyptic amalgam of metal, noise, hardcore, and alternative all their own.

WILL HAVEN breathes entirely new life into its sound with “Muerte” (Spanish for “death”), taking notes from the past but incorporating modern tones to create a chaotic, haunting auditory attack.

“All said and done, we spent two years on this record,” said WILL HAVEN guitarist Jeff Irwin. “We had more time than ever to fine tune the music. We really benefitted from that. We’re also more in tune with who we are. It’s the first time I walked away going, ‘There’s nothing else I could’ve done to make this better.'”

Throughout 2017, the members of WILL HAVEN secretly recorded “Muerte” at Pus Cavern Studios in Sacramento with Joe Johnston engineering and co-producing alongside Irwin. They pieced together a corrosive, chaotic, and cohesive vision that never relents over its 11 tracks. Mastering was handled by Logan Mader (DEVIL YOU KNOW, FEAR FACTORY, PERIPHERY).

Irwin added about recording “Muerte”: “It felt like a rebirth. It sounds like a whole new band. There’s a chemistry that only the four of us can achieve. Who knows what’s next, but this is everything we were always meant to be on a record.”

Asked how Stephen Carpenter of DEFTONES ended up making a guest appearance on the last song of the album, “El Sol”, Irwin told Metal Temple: “I have been friends with Stephen for a very long time. He was one of my close friends before WILL HAVEN was even thought of, so before I really played music, I watched Stephen play guitar. He was a huge influence on me, not just musically, but personally. He is just a super-awesome guy and I was always blown away by his talent. He didn’t play guitar like other people — no solos, no silly riffs; he was all about the song, making it sound big and giving it emotion. I loved that about his playing. So when I started WILL HAVEN, everything I had learned from Stephen I put into my playing and songwriting. I have always wanted to collaborate with him but just never did it. I have no idea why, so when I started working on this record, I called him up and I was, like, ‘Hey, would you like to write a song with me for our new record?’ And he said, ‘I would love to. I’ll send you something in a few days.’ and ‘m thinking it would take a while to get something because he is a super busy guy. Three days later, he sent me an eight-minute song full of riffs. I was so stoked when I listened to it because he captured that WILL HAVEN vibe but put his spin on it — it was perfect. After I got it, I just went in and kind of chopped it up a bit and added my guitar parts to it. It actually came really easy. I think we have a lot in common songwriting-wise and in some ways, we still influence each other, so we just gelled really easy. I had a blast working on it, and we talked about doing more stuff in the future. I’m excited to see what we can come up with. For me, it was time to do something with him. He and the DEFTONES have been a huge part of my and WILL HAVEN‘s development, so for me, this had to happen at some point. We have a family vibe between our two bands, and that’s how it felt when working on this song.”

“Muerte” track listing:

01. Hewed With The Brand
02. Winds Of Change
03. Kinney
04. The Son
05. 43
06. No Escape (feat. Mike Scheidt of YOB)
07. Unit K
08. Ladwig No. 949
09. Bootstraps
10. Now In The Ashes
11. El Sol (feat. Stephen Carpenter)

WILL HAVEN will perform at four California shows and one Oregon show this spring, including a May run with FAKE FIGURES.


Grady Avenell – Vocals
Jeff Irwin – Guitar
Adrien Contreras – Bass
Mitch Wheeler – Drums

Photo credit: Rockin Ryan Richardson

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WILL HAVEN: Entire 'Muerte' Album Available For Streaming
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