ALL THAT REMAINS Begins Recording New Album

Massachusetts metallers ALL THAT REMAINS have entered a California studio to begin recording the follow-up to their 2015 album, “The Order Of Things”.

A video clip of ALL THAT REMAINS vocalist Phil Labonte making his way to the studio earlier today can be seen below.

Labonte told the Q103 radio station that ALL THAT REMAINS‘s next record will arrive in February 2017.

ALL THAT REMAINS last year parted ways with bassist Jeanne Sagan and replaced her with Aaron Patrick (BURY YOUR DEAD, DEVILDRIVER).

“The Order Of Things” marked the first time that Labonte collaborated on his lyrics, in this case with producer Josh Wilbur. Labonte told The Pulse Of Radio how that worked out. “He’s the first guy that I collaborated lyrically with,” he said. “It’s always been a situation where we’ll come up with vocal ideas, maybe cadences, and I’ll come up with the ideas and words that go into it. So this record has really been vocally the most collaboration I’ve ever had from a producer/writer, working with, you know, the songs we came up with.”

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ALL THAT REMAINS Begins Recording New Album
HRRL News Feed via

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ALL THAT REMAINS Begins Recording New Album
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