Hard Rock Radio Live Supports Donald Trump. Why Vote for trump?

America needs Trump for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • His business acumen can be used to actually create jobs instead of offering empty lip service
  • His business savvy will ensure that we do not continue to pile up debt
  • He’s anti progressive liberal, which means reining in abortion as birth control, huge entitlement spending, and wasted investments
  • As a leader, Trump is decisive and not wishy-washy and subject to change like the current POTUS
  • Trump is more of a traditional, religious type, which is in desperate need in America right now
  • The Donald takes what he wants and doesn’t kowtow to foreign weakling
  • IMPORTANT: When a Democratic Party is in office the sales and shows of Kick Ass Rock and Metal Bands Diminish. We are not sure why but to increase the power of the Rock and Metal Music Vote for Trump and we shall here better music in the next Four Years. \m/
  • IMPORTANT RULE TWO: Rock Music doesn’t have the FBI looking into why the “Music Doesn’t Suck”. Hillary Clinton camp has a server issue we don’t. \m/
  • Enjoy the Post
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Metalheads and Rock Heads Vote For Trump! Why You ask? Read On..

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