Former MORBID ANGEL Frontman DAVID VINCENT: Signing Pre-Orders Of Country Single Is 'Wearing Me Out'

Former MORBID ANGEL frontman David Vincent will release his debut outlaw country single, “Drinkin’ With The Devil”, later this month on seven-inch vinyl via Chicken Ranch Records. The song, which features a guest appearance by guitar legend Danny B. Harvey (HEADCAT, WANDA JACKSON, NANCY SINATRA), was recorded with legendary producer Gene “Machine” Freeman at The Machine Shop in Austin, Texas.

Vincent has just released a video message in which he thanks fans while signing the “Drinkin’ With The Devil” pre-orders. He says in the clip, which can be seen below: “Howdy guys and gals. So, when I told the record label that I’d sign all the pre-orders, I didn’t realize you’re all gonna be wearing me out so much. However, I’m not complaining, because I can tell you I’m really excited about this record, ‘Drinkin’ With The Devil’, soon to be released. I’m sitting here signing all the pre-orders, like I told ’em I would. And, listen, I just wanna [let you know] I appreciate all of your support. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this, and there’s a lot more fun to come. And I hope to see you out on the road soon. Thank you very much.”

Pre-order your copy now in either (limited-edition) red or black.

As the legendary voice of the genre-defining extreme metal purveyors MORBID ANGEL, Vincent‘s unapologetic rebel approach has been a force in the music world since the mid-1980s. Following his unexpected departure from the band in 2015 and subsequent relocation to the Lone Star State of Texas, his musical direction has also taken a big step “out of the box.” Inspired by the immersion into his new Hill Country surroundings and the Lone Star culture, he began composing music in a dirty, organic Texas country outlaw style, perhaps reminiscent of the original country outlaw performers in the 1970s.

Vincent spoke to last year about how his country project came about. “Just like most musicians, I listen to and am inspired by all types of music,” he explained. “When I moved to Texas, I found myself immersed in this scene, kept an open mind to it all, and found new inspiration by some of the artists around here. I began writing songs, man; [it’s] as simple as that. I know it’s not what many people would expect from my career in metal, but it’s still me, you know. I’m still as open as I’ve ever been, and I’m still as passionate with this material as I was with anything else I’ve ever done before…. It’s my take on things, and it’s different than what you’ll hear from most of the other acts in this genre.”

Vincent added that he expected a large portion of the MORBID ANGEL fans to be resistant to his new musical output. “There’s a lot of people who see this ‘metal’ guy trying this new thing and may not give it a shot, but the ones I’ve shared it with have been really impressed,” he said. “A lot asked why I didn’t do this sooner, and it’s simple; people find their way to things when they find their way to things. It doesn’t mean that I’ll never play metal again, by any means, but this is where my heart is at right now, so I want to put out the best material I can, and have fun with it. We have a lot of cool stuff coming up that may surprise some people, but it’s all about writing the best songs, and having fun. That’s where I’m at right now, and I’m pretty damn happy.”

As previously reported, Vincent has joined forces with ex-MORBID ANGEL drummer Tim Yeung and guitarists Bill Hudson (CIRCLE II CIRCLE, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA) and Ira Black (METAL CHURCH, LIZZY BORDEN) to perform classic MORBID ANGEL songs under the I AM MORBID banner.

The new band, which will play material from MORBID ANGEL‘s “Altars Of Madness” (1989), “Blessed Are The Sick” (1991), “Covenant” (1993) and “Domination” (1995) albums, has scheduled two shows in Brazil this spring: March 24 in Belo Horizonte and March 25 in São Paulo. Additional dates will be announced soon.

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Former MORBID ANGEL Frontman DAVID VINCENT: Signing Pre-Orders Of Country Single Is 'Wearing Me Out'
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Former MORBID ANGEL Frontman DAVID VINCENT: Signing Pre-Orders Of Country Single Is 'Wearing Me Out'
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