STEVEN TYLER Isn't Sure Farewell Tour Is End Of AEROSMITH
Steven Tyler has told People magazine that he “can’t say for sure” whether AEROSMITH‘s upcoming farewell tour will in fact mean the end of the band.

“We’ve gone through trying to get a job in a club that we thought was the only way we could pay our rent and having nobody there and asking the owner of the club, ‘Can we please leave? There’s no one here’ and the guy saying no — to being in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and everything in between: rehabs and arguments and children being born and marriages coming and going and ups and downs and different managers and lawsuits and record labels,” he said. “We’ve done so much; one thing we’ve never done is a farewell tour, so you never know — it may wipe the slate clean of some of the problems, things that happen with each other.”

The singer added: “The band’s been together for 40 years. Can you imagine? There are no marriages together for 40 years where the passion still runs as deep as it did the first 10 years, in my humble opinion … But the passion is still there.”

Tyler‘s latest comments echo those made by AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perry, who told The Arizona Republic that he wasn’t ready to walk away from the band. He said: “No. It’s like, try and picture your last meal. You’re only gonna eat so many times in your life. You’re gonna sit down at the table 258 million times. There’s a finite number of times you’re gonna do anything in your life. To picture a final AEROSMITH gig, it’s like… I can’t do it. There’s too much of that ‘rock until you drop’ ingrained into this band. But we’re at the end, so who knows how long it’s gonna go?”

Last fall, AEROSMITH announced the 2017 “Aero-Vederci Baby!” European tour, posting on its site: “AEROSMITH will return across the Atlantic with one of the greatest rock shows ever seen and will undoubtedly be the ultimate must see event of 2017 as the band embark upon this, their ‘farewell’ tour, saying ‘Aero-Vederci Baby!’

In addition to Israel, AEROSMITH‘s spring and summer dates will hit Georgia, Russia, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, England, Ireland, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland. Perry and Tyler announced the tour via a fake newscast video featuring “The Toxic Twins” portraying cable TV anchors.
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STEVEN TYLER Isn't Sure Farewell Tour Is End Of AEROSMITH
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STEVEN TYLER Isn't Sure Farewell Tour Is End Of AEROSMITH
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