ANTHRAX Drummer 'Would Love' To Collaborate With JACK WHITE

During a recent interview with Maximum Ink, ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante was asked if there was another artist that he would still like to collaborate with at some point in the future. “I would love to do something with Jack White,” Charlie responded. “I think he is someone who is very gifted, and someone who ‘gets it’ in the music world. There was that thing he did with THE WHITE STRIPES, at the time, was just him and a drummer. It was blues and something totally beyond that. It was way ahead of its time. I was listening from afar and I heard him [produce] a Lorretta Lynn record, which I thought was just fucking awesome.”

He continued: “Early on for me, I looked to England for inspiration. Whether it was THE BEATLES, [LED] ZEPPELIN or BLACK SABBATH, the style on how to write songs always came from over there [England]. It wasn’t until KISS or VAN HALEN that rock got that American feel. The late ’70s was a great time for music.”

Benante added: “I think Jack has his finger on the pulse.”

To coincide with ANTHRAX‘s recent European tour, the band released a digital two-track single titled “Leftoverthrax”, including cover versions of KANSAS‘s “Carry On Wayward Son” and THE WHITE STRIPES“Black Math”.

ANTHRAX‘s cover version of “Carry On Wayward Son” is a bonus track on the new expanded vinyl edition of the band’s latest album, “For All Kings”.

Filling in for Benante at some of the European shows was Jon Dette. Charlie was forced to miss certain gigs on the band’s tour due to his continuing battle with carpal tunnel syndrome.
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ANTHRAX Drummer 'Would Love' To Collaborate With JACK WHITE
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ANTHRAX Drummer 'Would Love' To Collaborate With JACK WHITE
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