Listen To New CONVERGE Song 'Reptilian'

Boston-based heavy-music innovators CONVERGE will release their first album in five years, “The Dusk In Us”, on November 3 via Epitaph and Deathwish.

As the ninth full-length from CONVERGE — vocalist Jacob Bannon, guitarist Kurt Ballou, bassist Nate Newton, and drummer Ben Koller“The Dusk In Us” follows 2012’s acclaimed “All We Love We Leave Behind”.

CONVERGE‘s new single, “Reptilian”, can be streamed below. According to a press release, “from its haunting intro to its frenetic apex, [the track] perfectly embodies the avant-garde sensibilities and cathartic energy of ‘The Dusk In Us’.”

Produced by CONVERGE and mixed by Ballou at his renowned Godcity Studios, “The Dusk In Us” shows the band’s artistic evolution and avant-garde sensibilities while still capturing their classic sound.

After forming in Massachusetts in 1990, CONVERGE made their debut with 1994’s “Halo In A Haystack”. Quickly regarded as pioneers within the aggressive music arena, the band had a major breakthrough with their landmark album “Jane Doe” — a 2001 release praised as “iconic” by the A.V. Club.

“The Dusk In Us” track listing:

01. A Single Tear
02. Eye Of The Quarrel
03. Under Duress
04. Arkhipov Calm
05. I Can Tell You About Pain
06. The Dusk In Us
07. Wildlife
08. Murk & Marrow
09. Trigger
10. Broken By Light
11. Cannibals
12. Thousands Of Miles Between Us
13. Reptilian

CONVERGE is currently touring Europe with GORGUTS, REVOCATION and HAVOK as support.

Photo credit: Reid Haithcock

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Listen To New CONVERGE Song 'Reptilian'
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Listen To New CONVERGE Song 'Reptilian'
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