METALLICA, GUNS N' ROSES, IRON MAIDEN Among 2017's Top-Grossing North American Tours

METALLICA, GUNS N’ ROSES and IRON MAIDEN are among the rock and metal acts included on Pollstar‘s Year End Top 200 North American Tours chart, which determines its rankings by a tour’s overall gross (that is, the number of tickets sold multiplied by the average ticket price).

Unlike Pollstar‘s recently revealed Top 20 Worldwide Tours, which saw GUNS N’ ROSES come in at No. 2 and METALLICA come in at No. 5, the North American chart ranks METALLICA at No. 3, with a total continental gross of $110.3 million from 1.14 million tickets sold. That’s two slots ahead of GUNS N’ ROSES, who grossed $98 million in North America through sales of more than 836,000 tickets.

METALLICA was one of six artists — and one of only two rock acts, the other being TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA — to sell more than 1 million concert tickets in North America in 2017, a feat they accomplished in just 26 performances.

While Pollstar‘s full chart can be viewed at this location, using its data to create a “Top 25 North American Hard Rock Tours Of 2017” list (your definition may vary) would yield something along the lines of the below:

01. METALLICA ($110.3 million; 1.14 million tickets sold)
02. GUNS N’ ROSES ($98 million; 837,000 tickets sold)
03. ROGER WATERS ($92.1 million; 756,000 tickets sold)
04. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS ($67.5 million; 809,000 tickets sold)
05. TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA ($61.5 million; 1.01 million tickets sold)
06. BON JOVI ($37.9 million; 446,000 tickets sold)
07. GREEN DAY ($31.7 million; 630,000 tickets sold)
08. JOURNEY ($29.4 million; 379,000 tickets sold)
09. QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT ($29 million; 298,000 tickets sold)
10. DEF LEPPARD ($28.6 million; 404,000 tickets sold)
11. IRON MAIDEN ($21.4 million; 330,000 tickets sold)
12. FOO FIGHTERS ($19.9 million; 219,000 tickets sold)
13. TOOL ($19 million; 246,000 tickets sold)
14. NICKELBACK ($18.8 million; 466,000 tickets sold)
15. FOREIGNER ($16.5 million; 416,000 tickets sold)
16. A PERFECT CIRCLE ($12.8 million; 223,000 tickets sold)
17. ZZ TOP ($11.2 million; 173,000 tickets sold)
18. BOSTON ($10.1 million; 203,000 tickets sold)
19. STEVE MILLER BAND ($10 million; 176,000 tickets sold)
20. THE WHO ($9.4 million; 66,000 tickets sold)
21. REO SPEEDWAGON / STYX ($7.7 million; 218,000 tickets sold)
22. SCORPIONS ($6.2 million; 88,000 tickets sold)
23. PRIMUS ($6 million; 148,000 tickets sold)
24. KING CRIMSON ($5.8 million; 78,000 tickets sold)
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METALLICA, GUNS N' ROSES, IRON MAIDEN Among 2017's Top-Grossing North American Tours
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METALLICA, GUNS N' ROSES, IRON MAIDEN Among 2017's Top-Grossing North American Tours
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