ZAKK WYLDE Says 'Nothing Has Been Difficult' About Launching WYLDE AUDIO Company

Zakk Wylde (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, OZZY OSBOURNE) recently spoke to the Phoenix New Times about his Wylde Audio company, which made its debut more than two years ago. Asked what has been most difficult most about that venture, Zakk said: “Nothing has actually been difficult. If you’re doing something you love, it shouldn’t be difficult. Embrace it. Don’t be afraid of it.

“When bands get ripped off, or whenever I’ve gotten screwed over on business deals, you have no one to blame but yourself,” he explained. “If you’re not on top of it, then you deserve everything you’re going to get. If anything, with the music business now, one thing it’s gonna do is teach the younger generation is there shouldn’t be any horror stories like back in the day.

“When Ozzy [Osbourne] used to tell me horror stories… you know, BLACK SABBATH when they’re 23 years old, doing records, touring around the world, and all their faith and trust is in their management. Can I get this house? A car? Buy my parents a house? Yeah, no problem! In the meantime, while they band is touring, the management is buying the houses and signing in their own name. So, the band owns nothing. The band figures they are being looked after, then they come back and are told they are actually broke and don’t own anything. But that should never happen anymore if you’re on top of your music business.”

Zakk introduced the first three guitars offered by Wylde Audio at the 2016 NAMM show in Anaheim, California. The guitars were the initial offering from his company, which was also said to be planning to build amplifiers and effect pedals, with distribution provided by Schecter Guitar Research.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY‘s 10th full-length album, “Grimmest Hits”, was released January 19 via Entertainment One (eOne).

Wylde will play alongside Ozzy Osbourne during the legendary vocalist’s “No More Tours 2” worldwide farewell tour, which kicks off on April 27 at the Welcome To Rockville festival in Jacksonville, Florida.
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ZAKK WYLDE Says 'Nothing Has Been Difficult' About Launching WYLDE AUDIO Company
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ZAKK WYLDE Says 'Nothing Has Been Difficult' About Launching WYLDE AUDIO Company
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