Making Of DISTURBED's New Single, 'Are You Ready' (Video)

Video footage of DISTURBED working on the band’s new single, “Are You Ready”, at The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada with producer Kevin Churko can be seen below.

DISTURBED guitarist Dan Donegan revealed in a recent interview with Redlands, California radio station KCAL that the music for “Are You Ready” was first composed 14 years ago. Donegan explained: “We just never finished it ’cause we had other material that was more complete back then. So I always just kind of put it in the vault; it was on the backburner. And this time around, as we were bringing up new ideas, I kind of just looked back at the archives of a few things that I never got around to finishing, and I just brought it back into the mix.”

Donegan continued: “David [Draiman, vocals] gravitated towards it right away and just said, ‘Oh, dude, this is awesome. I’ve got something great for this.’ And he started just kind of scatting a melody on top of it. And after it was coming together, I reminded him. I go, ‘Do you realize it’s something I kind of wrote in 2004?’ I’m glad we were able to finally finish it now, 14 years later.”

The guitarist added that “Are You Ready” is probably the “closest” of the songs on the upcoming DISTURBED LP “Evolution” to the band’s classic sound, adding that the rest of the material has “a lot of directions in here that’s gonna turn some heads.”

The Pulse Of Radio asked Donegan how the group manages to keep churning out fresh material after 22 years together. “We still inspire each other, you know,” he said. “I mean, there’s such a closeness and a brotherhood and a respect that we have for each other, and we continue to push each other. We don’t… When we’re in those moments, we’re not thinking about the outside world.”

“Evolution”, DISTURBED‘s seventh full-length studio effort, will be released on October 19 and follows up 2015’s “Immortalized”.

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Making Of DISTURBED's New Single, 'Are You Ready' (Video)
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Making Of DISTURBED's New Single, 'Are You Ready' (Video)
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