PHILIP ANSELMO Says He Has Found One Unreleased PANTERA Instrumental Song

In a brand new interview with Capital Chaos TV, Philip Anselmo was asked if there was still any unreleased PANTERA material that could be made available as part of the band’s ongoing reissue campaign. He said: “That’s interesting, because I did find a track I cannot make heads or tails out of and I know it’s the guys… But I never did vocals over the top of it, and I’m sure back in the day there was good reason for it. It doesn’t really do much — it’s like riffs back and forth and that’s that — so it must’ve been just a… I guess, a mulling type of idea that had gone on. Either we put it to bed or just moved on, because, truthfully, [with] PANTERA there really was not that much [unreleased material] laying [around], there really wasn’t. We used almost everything that we… um, would come up with, I guess, you know.”

The 2012 reissue of PANTERA‘s “Vulgar Display Of Power” included a never-before heard track, “Piss”, recorded during the original “Vulgar” sessions twenty years earlier. Former PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott later told Rolling Stone about the song: “It was definitely forgotten about. PANTERA was always a band that was about making quality songs, not quantity, and so we always made the ten or eleven best songs that we could. For some reason — I don’t know why — we left it off the record, man. I think it’s just as good as everything else on the record. It might not be quite as edgy as the other stuff, but it still has the same ‘Vulgar’ attitude, sound, tone and everything.”

He continued: “When these twenty-year-anniversary things come around, they start asking if you remember if there’s anything there that we could add to really make the package special. And I just seemed to remember that we had a track — I couldn’t remember if we had finished it or not, but I remembered it was called ‘Piss’. Anyways, the people at Atlantic Records or Rhino or whatever were digging around through the vaults and came across it. And they sent me the tape. I popped it up, and everything was there. I couldn’t believe it. It was complete, all the way from start to finish, and I was just like, ‘Wow!’

“With a lot of these things, there’s a verse there, maybe a chorus, the song is maybe halfway done, and producers and engineers go in and they have to finish it, put it all together. And this song was truly finished in its true form that we left it in, in 1992. So I think it’s really special, man. And anybody that’s a diehard PANTERA fan, to get a new song after everything that’s happened, twenty years later, I think it’s pretty fresh and pretty kick-ass and I think that people will appreciate it. And it is special, because I truly don’t believe there’s any more unheard PANTERA tracks out there.”

The latest album to be made available as part of PANTERA‘s reissue campaign was the twentieth-anniversary edition of “The Great Southern Trendkill”, which arrived last October. This two-disc set included the original album remastered, plus a dozen previously unreleased mixes, instrumentals, and live recordings.
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PHILIP ANSELMO Says He Has Found One Unreleased PANTERA Instrumental Song
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PHILIP ANSELMO Says He Has Found One Unreleased PANTERA Instrumental Song
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