MY DYING BRIDE Frontman Shoots Down Split Rumors

Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, U.K. doom metal veterans MY DYING BRIDE have have regretfully canceled their appearances at four festivals in Europe: Eindhoven Metal Meeting in The Netherlands, Madrid Is The Dark in Spain, Aalborg Metal Festival in Denmark, and HRH Doom vs. HRH Stoner in England.

Vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe has since issued the following statement: “I would like to quash some recent rumors regarding the demise of MY DYING BRIDE in the light of our previous statements. We most certainly are NOT splitting up and in fact are vigorously composing the next album right now.

“The reason we have had to cancel a run of shows is due to a severe and fearful illness that has struck a member of my immediate family for which I have now dedicated all my time until signs of improvement. The other five members of the band, however, are working hard to produce the next opus which will be our debut for new label partners Nuclear Blast and will be released in 2018. I will do my part when the time comes and I can assure fans that it is going to be suitably epic.

“Apologies to all who were looking forward to seeing us perform live, but rest assured, we will be back!”

Working songtitles set to appear on the next MY DYING BRIDE album include “Renaissance”, “The Dread Void” and “World Of One”.

For twenty-seven years, MY DYING BRIDE from West Yorkshire has been the voice of the hopeless and broken, combining haunting sounds with crushing misery and melancholy. With their signature sound, they’ve shaped the doom metal scene like barely any other act and integrated both soft violin melodies and violent death metal growls into their music, while always staying strictly loyal to themselves. And since the early nineties, the band’s masterminds and founding members Andrew Craighan and Aaron Stainthorpe forged beautiful grief into twelve studio albums with songs of epic length.

Peaceville Records celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of MY DYING BRIDE with a deluxe ninety-two-page twelve-inch hardback book on the rise of the U.K. doom metal legends. The book contains five discs of rarities, early works, newly unearthed and never-previously-heard pre-production demos, band track favorites, and live audio.
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MY DYING BRIDE Frontman Shoots Down Split Rumors
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MY DYING BRIDE Frontman Shoots Down Split Rumors
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