Sebastian Bach has once again slammed Christian rockers STRYPER, saying that their music “sucks.”

The feud beween the former SKID ROW singer and STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet began in November 2016 when Sweet shared a video on Facebook of 16-year-old emerging artist Moriah Formica perfoming the SKID ROW track “I Remember You”, along with the caption: “Moriah Formica kills this and in my humble opinion, smokes the original singer.” He also proceeded to call Bach a “tool” in the comments section after being questioned about the caption by a fan.

After being alerted to Sweet‘s post by a fan, Sebastian fired back, writing in a tweet: “Michael Sweet has a big fucking mouth. Behind a keyboard that is. Can’t wait to see this pussy in person again someday.”

While speaking to “The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show” at last Friday’s (October 6) “Bowl For Ronnie” event in Studio City, California, Bach was asked about his war or words with Sweet. He said (see video below): “All I know is that when I see a headline on Blabbermouth and it says, ‘Bach Slams ‘Pussy’ Sweet,’ you’ve just kind of gotta do a double take on that one.”

Pressed about whether he likes Sweet on a personal level, Sebastian said: “I don’t, actually. I think STRYPER sucks. I’ve always thought that — since I was a little kid. I think their songs suck, I think their fucking clothes suck. Should I go on? What are they gonna [do] — whip a Bible at me? [Laughs]”

After clarifying that his opinion of STRYPER doesn’t have anything to do with the Christian messages in the band’s lyrics, Bach said: “I think they just make bad records. And I don’t think they ever did make good records.”

Sweet last November released a statement in response to Bach‘s “pussy” comment, saying that “anyone who knows me knows that I express my opinion and I’m more than willing to back it up. I do my best to be honest yet not to be mean-spirited or destructive. I’m also no pussy. Obviously, Sebastian doesn’t know me, because if he did, he’d know that as fact.”

He added: “Unfortunately, I think because I’m a Christian, some people think that I’m supposed to ‘turn the other cheek’ and let people say and do whatever they want. I guess the ‘pussy’ in me won’t let me do that.”

Formica is featured on Sweet‘s latest solo album “One Sided War”, singing a duet with Michael on a different version of the song “Can’t Take This Life”.

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