GENE HOGLAN Hopes His Art Collection Will Be Unique

On November 16, drum legend Gene Hoglan will unveil his fine-art debut collection. Completed with art team SceneFour, the release is a pioneering effort in the new medium of crafting visual art through drum performance.

In the clip below, shot during the production of his art collection, Gene discusses his hopes for the artwork he’s created from rhythm.

Says Gene: “I hope that we will be able to encompass whatever it is… Like [the art piece] ‘Sinanaesthesia’ or something — something like that. Whatever I’m trying to do up here, I hope it get captured to the point where people can get excited about it. I hope mine don’t look like the other artists that you’ve had. I hope all of us are super individual in our approaches and stuff. So I guess I would like mine to stand out as, ‘Wow! That is definitely Gene Hoglan. I can see his style right in one piece of artwork. I can envision what the guy is playing by seeing one piece of art.'”

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Hoglan has joined an extraordinary group of drummers working with art team SceneFour in the medium, including Bill Ward (BLACK SABBATH), Dave Lombardo (SLAYER), Rick Allen (DEF LEPPARD), Mike Mangini (DREAM THEATER), Chad Smith (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS), Mikkey Dee (MOTÖRHEAD, SCORPIONS, Nick Menza (MEGADETH).

Gene has played drums with a number of extreme metal artists, including TESTAMENT, DETHKLOK, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, DARK ANGEL and DEATH.

Hoglan recently released his second instructional DVD, “The Atomic Clock: The Clock Strikes Two”. The set featured the Clock himself breaking down some of his favorite beats, telling stories and playing along with tracks from several of his most legendary projects, including STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, TESTAMENT and DEATH.

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GENE HOGLAN Hopes His Art Collection Will Be Unique
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GENE HOGLAN Hopes His Art Collection Will Be Unique
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