Ted Nugent Says Parkland Survivors 'Have No Soul'

Ted Nugent defended the NRA and said that the students calling for tighter gun control legislation were “mushy-brained” and “committing spiritual suicide.”

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Source: HRRL Classic Rock News via ultimate Classic Rock
Ted Nugent Says Parkland Survivors 'Have No Soul'
HRRL Classic Rock News via ultimate Classic Rock

Ted Nugent Says Parkland Survivors 'Have No Soul'
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5 thoughts on “Ted Nugent Says Parkland Survivors 'Have No Soul'

  • It is a far cry better to have brains, over your definition of ‘soul’. What a shame that some people are so low on self-esteem they think that insulting others makes them look bigger, smarter, or whatever. THIS shows a good example of why I’ve rarely voted for a Republican with these types. They’re unable to have an intelligent discussion about any issue because they only think about what they gain or lose ($$$) if things changed. What did these parents lose that fateful day that less important than your desires? In the mind of a real Christian, citizen lives come first.

  • People don’t want to really talk about the issue..They want to find a boogeyman and blame guns.Facts is this Autistic special needs child had been bullied since middle school..A generation ago, bullying was taken as par for the course of being a kid. But as research on the effects of bullying has mounted, we now know that bullying is far from harmless. Indeed, it can be life-altering. A new study has found that bullying victims are more likely to take a weapon to school, and that other risk factors can increase the likelihood of such behavior. Among students who had been in a fight at school, experienced bullying, who had something stolen from them at school, and who felt unsafe at school, 72% had brought a weapon such as a gun or knife to school. Among students who weren’t bullied, the rate was only 5%. This data suggests that bullying can lead to violence, and that the most severe bullying exponentially increases the likelihood of violence.

    This isn’t just one rogue study, though. Data repeatedly shows that bullying plays a role in mass violence, particularly school shootings. A review by the Secret Service of every major school shooting yielded the result that 71% of mass shooters had been severely bullied.

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