STEEL PANTHER To Begin Recording Fifth Album This Week

California glam favorites STEEL PANTHER will enter the studio on Tuesday, November 13 to begin laying down drums for their fifth album. Drummer Stix Zadinia tweeted on Sunday: “Holy shit. We are doin it again!!! These songs are gonna fuuuuck your face up. In the cool way.”

STEEL PANTHER‘s latest album, “Lower The Bar”, was released in March 2017 via Kobalt Music Recordings. The disc was co-produced with regular collaborator Jay Ruston, and included eleven songs recorded at studios in North Hollywood and Sherman Oaks, California, with an additional two tracks on a Best Buy deluxe edition.

Earlier this year, STEEL PANTHER guitarist Satchel said in an interview that he didn’t know if the band would ever consider releasing a full-length album of covers. “I think, for me personally, I love to write songs and we’ve got songs ready to go for our fifth studio album already,” he said.

“I think the next album that we do is gonna be another killer STEEL PANTHER record and it’s gonna be like all the others: there will be people that hate it first, but it will grow on everybody and it will be another classic album full of originals,” he continued.

“I don’t know how many more covers I wanna do. I like doing original stuff, and I feel like STEEL PANTHER is… We’re a band that has a lot to offer in so many areas. Our live shows is great, we’re natural-born entertainers, we love to have sex with women on stage — that’s all very entertaining as well — but we release records that are really fun to listen to with really hooky songs. And I feel like, unlike a lot of bands, we pay special attention to writing the hookiest songs we can. I don’t feel like there’s ever a dud; I feel like there’s a lot of great songs on all of our records, and that’s why people keep coming back — ’cause they like to listen to those songs.”

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STEEL PANTHER To Begin Recording Fifth Album This Week
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STEEL PANTHER To Begin Recording Fifth Album This Week
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