DEF LEPPARD's Second Las Vegas Residency Will Likely See Band Perform 'Greatest-Hits Set,' Says JOE ELLIOTT

Joe Elliott has revealed that DEF LEPPARD is in talks to play another Las Vegas residency in 2019.

The band’s first residency, “Viva Hysteria!” took place in 2013 and saw DEF LEPPARD spend a month in Sin City for a nine-show run at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel. The group performed its landmark 1987 album, “Hysteria”, in its entirety at the concerts, which featured encores highlighting other material from DEF LEPPARD‘s 40-year career.

Elliott and guitarist Phil Collen offered more details about a possible second Vegas residency during a recent interview with the Japanese show “Masa Ito’s Rock TV”. The chat happened prior to the launch of DEF LEPPARD‘s tour of the U.K. and Ireland, where it also played “Hysteria” front to back.

Speaking about DEF LEPPARD‘s rumored return to Vegas, the singer said (see video below): “There’s no dates set, I don’t think. I don’t think it’s gonna anything that’s as specific as ‘Viva Hysteria!’ was, ’cause we’re kind of doing that now. I don’t think we’re gonna be doing ‘Viva Pyromania!’ this time,” he added, referring to possible full-album performances of DEF LEPPARD‘s third LP, 1983’s “Pyromania”. “We might do it one day — maybe we’ll play more from it — but I think for the kind of venue that they want us in, it’s more likely to be kind of a greatest-hits set. To be quite honest, we don’t really know.”

According to Collen, the idea to perform certain LPs in full doesn’t always originate with the bandmemembers themselves. “A lot of times, we get requests from countries — like, ‘Can you play this album?'” he explained. “Which is kind of weird. When we got the ‘Hysteria’ [request], we said, ‘Okay. If you want us to do that, sure. That’d be great.’ This is the first time we’ve ever toured it. We’ve done it in Vegas and we’d done a festival where we’d done ‘Hysteria’. The first time we’ve ever done it at a festival… That’s what they want, and we’ll gladly do it.”

Phil told the Las Vegas Sun in a 2017 interview that DEF LEPPARD‘s first residency “was great. We got to live in Vegas for a month,” he said. “Honestly, I thought we’d get more time to do the stuff people come to Vegas for, see shows and all that stuff. But we were so busy. Because we were playing ‘Hysteria’ straight through for one set, we had 30 songs we had to get down and it was a very different experience. Doing the album was a bit more theatrical than the tour experience. But it’s quite lovely at this point in your career to be able to do different things.”

DEF LEPPARD‘s brand new greatest-hits collection titled “The Story So Far – The Best Of”, was released on November 30.

The band will be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame next spring. The honor comes after the British rockers got the most votes in the Rock Hall‘s online fan poll.

One of the top-selling rock acts of of all time, DEF LEPPARD has been eligible for the Rock Hall since 2004.

The 34th annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony will be held March 29 at Brooklyn, New York’s Barclays Center. HBO will broadcast a truncated version of the ceremony later in the year.

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DEF LEPPARD's Second Las Vegas Residency Will Likely See Band Perform 'Greatest-Hits Set,' Says JOE ELLIOTT
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DEF LEPPARD's Second Las Vegas Residency Will Likely See Band Perform 'Greatest-Hits Set,' Says JOE ELLIOTT
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