LINKIN PARK Bassist DAVE 'PHOENIX' FARRELL: 'I Think We Will Do Music Again'

LINKIN PARK bassist Dave “Phoenix” Farrell spoke about the band’s future during an appearance on SiriusXM‘s “Volume West”. Asked what he has planned in terms of new music, nearly a year and a half since the death of singer Chester Bennington, Dave said (hear audio below): “It’s a big question. I think the easiest way to answer it is probably just to say I don’t know. And then I can expound upon that.”

He continued: “The five of us, we still love getting a chance to hang out. We hang out quite a bit. I think we will do music again. We all want to. We all still enjoy being together and being around each other. But we have a huge process to figure out what we wanna do and what that’s gonna look like. And I don’t have a timetable for how long that’ll take. I’ve never been down that road [or gone through] that process completely, so it’s really hard to put a time or a day.”

Farrell added: “In fairness, one of the things that I think has been ridiculously cool about LINKIN PARK fans and our fanbase is how supportive they’ve been of us in that process. Social media, notoriously, can be a really negative place, and it is, like, 99.9 percent positive — what I see — from our fans just saying, ‘We’re here. We want to hear what you guys are doing. We want to be involved, but we get it. We want you guys also to be healthy and happy, and do what’s right for you as well.’ And we hear that message — we receive that, we get that from that community and from that fanbase — and it’s really, really something that is special, and I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough for that.”

Back in March, LINKIN PARK vocalist Mike Shinoda told Vulture that he still talked to the other guys from the band “pretty regularly. We check in all the time,” he said. “We’ve gotten together and hung out a lot. Once in a while, we play a little bit of music, but there’s also a lot of uncertainty there about what to do.”

Shinoda, who released an EP, “Post Traumatic”, in January, followed by a full-length album bearing the same title, told The Oakland Press that he was leery for a while of putting anything out into the world.

“Grief is a personal thing, a personal experience,” Shinoda said. “Relatively early on I had a feeling — I didn’t know, but I had a feeling — that things would get better, or they just wouldn’t stay the same. We’ll obviously never forget our friend. We’ll always remind everybody how special and talented he was. But at the same time it’d be unhealthy and irresponsible for us not to move on with our lives at a certain point.

“So I had a feeling that with that journey ahead, and not knowing what shape it would take, that it would be interesting, and to share it would probably be difficult but in the long run it would help some people. I just felt like it would be worth sharing.”

Bennington was found dead in his Los Angeles-area home in July 2017 after hanging himself.

LINKIN PARK headlined an all-star tribute concert for Bennington in October 2017 in Los Angeles but has not announced any future plans for recording or touring.

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LINKIN PARK Bassist DAVE 'PHOENIX' FARRELL: 'I Think We Will Do Music Again'
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LINKIN PARK Bassist DAVE 'PHOENIX' FARRELL: 'I Think We Will Do Music Again'
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