Listen To New PAPA ROACH Song 'Elevate'

“Elevate”, a brand new song from the California alternative-rock quartet PAPA ROACH, can be streamed below. The track is taken from the band’s 10th studio album, “Who Do You Trust?”, which will be released on January 18, 2019 through Eleven Seven Music. The 12-song disc features the band’s signature heavy rhythmic guitars and catchy hooks on “Who Do You Trust” and “Renegade Music”, with “Not The Only One” supplying melody and emotionally charged lyrics. The album is produced by Nick “RAS” Furlong and Colin Cunningham except for “Top Of The World”, which is produced by Jason Evigan.

Said bassist Tobin Esperance: “Our goal for our 10th album was to push ourselves even further into genres that inspire us most. We have reached the place where we always wanted to be, creating new and exciting music.”

“Who Do You Trust?” track listing:

01. The Ending
02. Renegade Music
03. Not The Only One
04. Who Do You Trust?
05. Elevate
06. Come Around
07. Feel Like Home
08. Problems
09. Top Of The World
10. I Suffer Well
11. Maniac
12. Better Than Life

Asked why PAPA ROACH decided to work on new music so soon after the release of 2017’s “Crooked Teeth”, guitarist Jerry Horton told the Milwaukee radio station 102.9 The Hog: “Normally, we give it a couple of years to two and a half years, just because the touring cycles usually take a pretty long time. And then six months we’ll do [in the studio] for the record. This time it was, like, a year on tour and maybe three months [in the studio]. We got in with the same guys [producers Nicholas ‘RAS’ Furlong and Colin Brittain] that we did ‘Crooked Teeth’ with, and we have this flow together, and it just went really quick.”

He continued: “We’ve been doing this for so long that we kind of know if we get to a certain point with a song that it’s not happening naturally, then we just kind of set it aside and move on to something else and then maybe come back to it later. But we don’t try and sit there and force it for days on end like we used to.”

According to Jerry, the new PAPA ROACH album will include some material that was left on the cutting-room floor during the “Crooked Teeth” sessions. “Yeah, there’s a couple of songs that didn’t make it on the last record, mostly because they didn’t get finished,” he explained. “We took a fresh ear to a couple of the jams and came out with songs. Some bands would look at some of these things and say, ‘Oh, well, it didn’t happen right away. It must not be good.’ Sometimes it just takes a little time for it to kind of click in our heads. But we don’t necessarily throw anything away — we’re kind of hoarders that way. You never know — something could be sitting in there that’s great; we just weren’t in that headspace at the time.”

Horton previously told Morgan Richards Interviews that PAPA ROACH‘s new material sees him and his bandmates “really trying to explore more dynamics and not just be a wall of guitars all the time.”

Frontman Jacoby Shaddix described the musical direction of the new PAPA ROACH songs to the Lazer 103.3 radio station as “a pretty bold evolution,” saying that the tracks that have been laid down so far are “so inspiring and just unique and different and rocking and anthemic and passionate.”

PAPA ROACH has announced a special run of five shows in its home state of California to celebrate the “Who Do You Trust?” release. The group will close out this run with three very special shows at the landmark West Hollywood venue The Roxy, presented by SiriusXM.

PAPA ROACH will join SHINEDOWN and ASKING ALEXANDRIA on the 2019 North American leg of the “Attention! Attention!” world tour.

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Listen To New PAPA ROACH Song 'Elevate'
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Listen To New PAPA ROACH Song 'Elevate'
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