MEGADETH Teases January 11 Announcement

MEGADETH is teasing a special announcement that will be delivered on Friday, January 11 via the band’s official web site and social media.

A 25-second video featuring a snippet of MEGADETH‘s classic track “Take No Prisoners” has been uploaded to the band’s YouTube channel, leading some fans to speculate that the announcement will involve a reissue or event related to 1990’s “Rust In Peace” album, on which the song originally appeared.

MEGADETH‘s landmark fourth LP, “Rust In Peace” was the band’s first effort to feature the Dave Mustaine/Marty Friedman guitar team and is regarded as one of the most instrumentally complex and technically proficient metal releases in history.

Last fall, Mustaine discussed the making of “Rust In Peace” in a video to promote a new limited-edition pressing of the album on translucent blue 180-gram vinyl.

Speaking about the LP’s musical makeup, Dave said: “The scope and the grandeur of the arrangements is something that I truly believe is beyond the scope of my little brain. And the playing is so… the caliber is so high that I believe if I was left on my own, I probably wouldn’t have challenged myself so much.”

Mustaine also gave credit to Friedman, who joined MEGADETH just prior to the album’s recording.

“You have to add in the secret weapon — Marty Friedman came into the band,” Mustaine said.

He continued: “When we auditioned him… we had been looking for years, and [we had] his little CDs on the table. I looked at it and Marty had black hair to here and orange hair down to here. I thought, ‘He looks like a piece of Halloween candy’… I just thought it was goofy-looking, so I kept looking, kept looking, kept looking and I finally got mad and I said, ‘Okay! Put that in there!’ And he puts it in and I went [give a look of surprise], ‘That guy wants to play with us?’ He says, ‘Oh yeah.’ I said, ‘Get him down here.’ So we’re playing along, the solo comes up, and [Marty] goes over there and I was like… [surprised] because… he did it… and no one was able to do that.”

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MEGADETH Teases January 11 Announcement
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MEGADETH Teases January 11 Announcement
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