IN THIS MOMENT Is About To Begin Recording New Album

IN THIS MOMENT is preparing to enter The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada with producer Kevin Churko to begin recording its new album.

On Sunday, a short video of guitarist Chris Howorth and singer Maria Brink driving in a car was posted to the IN THIS MOMENT Instagram account, along with the caption: “On our way to the @thehideoutlv #newalbum #mother #nextchapter #snuff”

Last year, Howorth told Guitar Interactive magazine that IN THIS MOMENT would start tracking the follow-up to 2017’s “Ritual” in February.

IN THIS MOMENT will head out on the road this spring with SEVENDUST, LIGHT THE TORCH and HYDE.

Brink told New York’s Q103 radio station that IN THIS MOMENT is riding a wave of energy by continuing to play shows while finding ways to stay musically inspired. “We’re so grateful and lucky that in our career… We’re like the slow tortoise that could — we’re really slow, but we have this slow, steady uphill [climb],” she said. “‘Cause we’re six albums in and we have the highest sales that we’ve ever had, we’re getting the biggest offers we’ve ever had, we’re climbing up to the top, we’re headlining certain festivals. We can’t believe it — we’re the strongest we’ve ever been — so we don’t wanna ruin our momentum and all of a sudden disappear for a really long time. We feel really empowered, we feel really creative and kind of excited. So we just wanna dive into it, we wanna start creating, we wanna start bringing all these things alive so that next summer we can be coming back out and just keeping this strength growing. And we love it and we live for it. So it kind of keeps us feeling alive.”

“Ritual” included an eerie cover of Phil Collins“In The Air Tonight”, and Brink told KLAQ‘s Lisa Sanchez that there is a good chance the follow-up effort will see the band tackling yet another classic song.

“I don’t what we’re gonna do yet, but I definitely wanna do [a cover],” Maria said. “I love doing covers. Labels always like ’em anyway, cause they use ’em for other things and stuff too. So I’m actually on the hunt right now [for] what to cover.”

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IN THIS MOMENT Is About To Begin Recording New Album
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IN THIS MOMENT Is About To Begin Recording New Album
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