ROBERT TRUJILLO's Wife CHLOE TRUJILLO To Launch Art Exhibition In London

Rock ‘n’ roll’s beating heart the Karma Sanctum Hotel in Soho is the location for a three-day-long live art exhibition this June. Artist, fashion designer and musician Chloe Trujillo will team up with the Central London Hotel to showcase her art.

California-based artist Trujillo, who is the wife of METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo, designs art inspired by her rock ‘n’ lifestyle and spirituality, creating bold, colorful iconography and emblems that spread positive energies.

Trujillo says: “My wish is that the healing power of art reaches as many beings as possible. I infused my work with positive magical intention that I hope people can feel and keep with them, making their day brighter, whether it’s beautifying and vibrationally elevating their space with a painting or feeling amazing wearing a scarf, it’s all about positive energy.”

From June 17 until June 19, Chloe Trujillo will be intermittently painting in the cinema of the hotel, bringing her sunny spirit to London with opportunities for the public to watch her art live in motion throughout the three days. Trujillo‘s art will also be exhibited throughout the hotel. There will also be a charity lunch at the Wild Heart restaurant of the hotel on June 18 in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust.

A rock ‘n’ roll bash with an expected star-studded turnout will take place on the evening of June 19. The finished artwork will be auctioned for charity.

Nathalie Dufresne-Smith, one of the owners of the hotel and wife of IRON MAIDEN‘s Adrian Smith, comments: “Our hotel’s ethos encompasses a great appreciation for the arts, including music and fashion. After viewing Chloe‘s art in her California studio, I felt hosting her exhibition and presenting live art in motion during the day would be the perfect marriage.”

Throughout the years, the Karma Sanctum hotel in Soho has hosted rock royalty guests, including everyone from ALICE COOPER to BLONDIE to IRON MAIDEN and ANTHRAX.

Chloe Trujillo has had previous exhibitions throughout the world, putting her stamp on everything from tapestries to handbags to guitars and vegan leather coats. Her designs were recently showcased in the world’s first-ever Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles and her art and designs are sold in boutiques from the United States, to Japan to throughout Europe.

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ROBERT TRUJILLO's Wife CHLOE TRUJILLO To Launch Art Exhibition In London
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ROBERT TRUJILLO's Wife CHLOE TRUJILLO To Launch Art Exhibition In London
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