Former SLIPKNOT Percussionist CHRIS FEHN Wants His Lawsuit Over Band Profits To Move Forward

According to The Blast, former SLIPKNOT percusionist Chris Fehn is requesting a judge deny the motion to have his lawsuit against the band dismissed.

SLIPKNOT‘s business manager Robert Shore recently sought to have Fehn‘s case thrown out. He asked to be dismissed from the case, denying he did anything wrong.

In his original lawsuit, Fehn accused Shore of playing a role in cheating him out of his rightful profits from SLIPKNOT. He said that Shore and his company were directly responsible for managing his personal and business finances and he believes they had fiduciary obligations to him.

Fehn said that instead of looking out for his best interest, Shore generally made decisions that enriched himself and the other members of SLIPKNOT.

This past March, the 46-year-old Fehn sued SLIPKNOT‘s leaders, vocalist Corey Taylor and percussionist Michael Shawn Crahan; Shore; and six businesses, accusing Shore‘s New York City company, Rob Shore & Associates, Inc., of managing the band to enrich Crahan and Taylor “out of proportion to the efforts and undivided interests of the other general partners.”

Fehn claimed in his lawsuit that he had been told that all the band’s income was being funneled through one company that split the profits between the group members. But he alleged that he recently discovered the existence of several other SLIPKNOT-related business entities through which other members were collecting more money.

Fehn specifically accused Crahan and Taylor of shady business dealings and demanded a full forensic accounting done on SLIPKNOT‘s companies and assets, so that he could collect the damages and profits he believes he is owed.

In an affidavit and memorandum written in support of a motion to dismiss Fehn‘s lawsuit, Shore disputed the musician’s claim that he hadn’t been adequately paid for his services.

Fehn performed with SLIPKNOT and received a fee for doing so,” Shore wrote. “He is not a shareholder, owner or member of any business entity he names as a defendant in this action.”

Shore described Crahan and Taylor as “founding members” of SLIPKNOT and said that the “remaining defendants are entities through which the band’s business is or was conducted.”

Rob also vouched for the quality of his work, saying: “I have been involved in the music management business for decades and have operated RSA [Rob Shore & Associates, Inc.] since 2008. RSA clientele receive optimal business management services whenever and wherever needed, and I am confident in stating that each of RSA‘s clients, including the SLIPKNOT entities, has received precisely such service.” He added: “Neither RSA nor I have ever been sued by a client, for any reason, including those similar to the outrageous allegations contained in this case.”

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, SLIPKNOT dismissed Fehn in a statement posted to the band’s web site, saying “Chris knows why he is no longer a part of SLIPKNOT. We are disappointed that he chose to point fingers and manufacture claims, rather than doing what was necessary to continue to be a part of SLIPKNOT.”

Taylor also addressed the accusations via Twitter, saying: “Try being wrongfully accused of stealing money from someone you cared about, and having a lot of your fans believe it.”

Fehn, known for wearing a Pinocchio-style mask, has been performing with SLIPKNOT since 1998 and participated in all the band’s albums.
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Former SLIPKNOT Percussionist CHRIS FEHN Wants His Lawsuit Over Band Profits To Move Forward
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Former SLIPKNOT Percussionist CHRIS FEHN Wants His Lawsuit Over Band Profits To Move Forward
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