GHOST's TOBIAS FORGE: 'When The First Record Came Out, I Had No Idea That This Was Gonna Be A Full-Time Job'

In a brand new interview with Two Doods Reviews, GHOST leader Tobias Forge was asked if he has the progression of the band’s storyline already mapped out for the foreseeable future. “I know where we’re going now and maybe five years ahead,” he responded (hear audio below). “To draw a parallel to cinema or TV or making a series, I believe that the good series are the ones where you… It’s kind of like writing a novel — if you want a really good ending, you start with the ending and then you work your way back.

“I did not know, when taking the first nine steps between 2006 and 2009, 2010, when the first record came out, I had no idea that this was gonna be a full-time job,” he continued. “You couldn’t have made that up in 2008, that this kind of band might become this big. So GHOST was, in a way, the pilot that got airing, and then all of sudden you’ve got the first season greenlit, and then that becomes a major smash, and then you’re, like, ‘Okay.’ So then you have to follow that up. And, unfortunately, you see that with a lot of series. And that means you have to try to create it as you go. So, yeah, I can see five years from now, but it’s impossible for me to [look further ahead].

“You have to also remember that I’m not making a series — this is not a series with episodes,” Forge added. “We’re a band that makes episodes instead of at-home reportages. We do that in order to entertain people. What we do, first and foremost, is we go around and play music. We’re a rock entertainment live act. That is what we do. And on top of that, we sort of season it with a few fun things. So there’s one professional plan — and then there’s one that has grown now and become a funny side note, a funny side thing, and that’s the story, that’s the narrative. The narrative was not there in 2006. I had written a bunch of songs and I wanted to be this experience.

“So, it’s trying to do all the things that you do as a professional band and the same things as any other professional band [does] — you play and play and play and play and play; you try to become bigger and bigger and bigger; you try to invest wisely in order to make the show bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. And now we’ve just started poking around arena-like places. So the good thing about that is that we’re able to bring a somewhat consistent production to everyone, which I’m very proud and excited about. Because that means that if you live in Sioux Falls, you get the same thing as they’re getting in Seattle or New York. And that is one step towards doing that everywhere in bigger arenas. And then, if you do it in arenas, you wanna do it in a bigger place. So that’s the professional step.”

GHOST‘s current live set includes two new songs, “Kiss The Go-Goat” and “Mary On A Cross”, which will both be included on a new limited-edition seven-inch single, due on September 27. Also set for release on the same day is a plethora of limited, exclusive items tied to the “Prequelle” album and world tour. Log on to for all purchasing information.

Forge said in a recent interview that he has had the concept for the band’s next album in mind for more than a year.

GHOST‘s North American tour will wrap on October 26 in Glens Falls, New York.

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GHOST's TOBIAS FORGE: 'When The First Record Came Out, I Had No Idea That This Was Gonna Be A Full-Time Job'
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GHOST's TOBIAS FORGE: 'When The First Record Came Out, I Had No Idea That This Was Gonna Be A Full-Time Job'
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