ROBIN MCAULEY Reflects On 'Hellish Week' After He Was Diagnosed With Sepsis

Robin McAuley has thanked fans for their support while he was hospitalized last week after he was diagnosed with sepsis.

The 66-year-old MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST frontman became ill shortly before he and his bandmates were scheduled perform on the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise.

Doctors later identified the presence of harmful E. coli bacteria in McAuley‘s blood that caused the sepsis and they “treated [him] aggressively with targeted antibiotics,” according to his wife, Gina.

On Friday (January 10), Gina McAuley revealed that he had gotten the “clear to leave the hospital” and that he would “remain on [intravenous] antibiotics” while he continued to recover at home.

On Monday (January 13), Robin released a statement on social media about what he described as “one of the worst and scariest experiences” he has ever known.

He wrote: “I’m alive and getting stronger by the day! It’s been a Hellish week for me and my Wife Gina and the Boys, that took me completely by surprise. Some sneaky bastard calling himself Ecoli Sepsis, snook up behind me and sucker punched me. Almost took me out but not quite.

“Thanks to my Amazing Wife Gina and her 24/7 hands on love and care for me and the support of my Sons Jamie and Casey. The incredible quick work of our ER and Hospital staff, I’m forever grateful of how you carried me through one of the worst and scariest experiences I have ever known. A very Special Thank You to all who reached out inquiring about my well being. I apologize to my family and friends that they found out about this through social media firstly. Gina did her best to handle all the calls she could, including my own phone blowing up needing answers?

“I’m moved and in awe of the ‘Love and Concern’ I have been shown from so many of you this past week. Thank You forever!!!

“My Apologies to Michael Schenker for not showing up for work aboard 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise. I was packed and ready to sail until the ‘Big Disaster’ struck!! To my fellow band mates … I’m so sorry!!!!

“Looking forward to Japan in March, followed by UK shows in April, plus more shows in the rest of Europe. Go to Michael Schenker‘s website for full details on tour schedule.

“Saturday January 11th saw the official opening night of Raiding the Rock Vault @ Rio/172. It was my plan to be there on opening night and I apologize once again for not showing up for work. Sir Harry Cowell is now 6 years, going into #7 with this spectacular Classic Rock show. Almost 1,500 shows and off to a great start on opening night. The power and caliber of the Rock Vault cast is 2nd to none and is an absolute must see. Saturday through Wednesday @ Rio/172.

“Finally on this BLACK SWAN Monday, another (the 2nd) new Single from the upcoming ‘SHAKE THE WORLD’ Album! Download BIG DISASTER!! Like it! Play it LOUD!! and remember no disaster is ever big enough for any of us to overcome!! Never was a song title more apt and timely than ‘Big Disaster’!!!

“It’s been quite the big disaster week for me, but Im still here for the clean up! It’s a new day, I’m Blessed and I’ll be back real soon.

“‘SHAKE THE WORLD’ full Album release scheduled for February 14th. Have a great and healthy ‘BLACK SWAN‘ Monday!

“I LOVE YOU all”

Irish vocalist McAuley is best known for fronting MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP from 1986 to 1993. Alongside Graham Bonnet and Gary Barden, he has toured with MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST in recent years and also appears on the group’s two albums, 2018’s “Resurrection” and 2019’s “Revelation”.

McAuley has also performed with GRAND PRIX, SURVIVOR and FAR CORPORATION. In 1999, McAuley released his solo album, “Business As Usual”, written and recorded with the help of future SURVIVOR bandmate Frankie Sullivan. As well, McAuley is a longtime member of the star-studded “Raiding The Rock Vault” cast and the vocalist for all-star project BLACK SWAN, featuring Reb Beach, Jeff Pilson and Matt Starr.

Happy Monday everyone
It’s me, I’m alive and getting stronger by the day! It’s been a Hellish week for me and my Wife…

Posted by Robin Mc Auley on Monday, January 13, 2020

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ROBIN MCAULEY Reflects On 'Hellish Week' After He Was Diagnosed With Sepsis
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ROBIN MCAULEY Reflects On 'Hellish Week' After He Was Diagnosed With Sepsis
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