JOHN 5 Teams Up With MEDICOM TOY For 'Be@rbrick' Figure

Former MARILYN MANSON and current ROB ZOMBIE guitarist John 5 has teamed up with Medicom Toy to release his own John 5 100% + 400% Be@rbrick set.

“It’s an honor to work with Medicom Toy and be able to transform into my own cool Be@rbrick figure based on the animation from my ‘Zoinks!’ video!” John 5 said. “It’s a dream come true!”

The John 5 100% + 400% Be@rbrick set will also come with an authentic autograph card, personally signed by John 5, and an official Jim Dunlop guitar pick that was made exclusively for this release.

Only a few hundred sets will be released outside of Japan by John 5 on Thursday, March 12 at 9 A.M. PST. These sets will be extremely limited, so get yours before they’re gone.

Outside of Japan, you can only pre-order the John 5 Be@rbrick set here.

About Medicom Toy: Established in 1996 under the slogan “Making things what we want rather than product development based on marketing,” Medicom Toy designs and produces various character figures in a wide range of categories from movies, televisions, comics, video games and etc. In 2000, the company announced “Kubrick” which is a trademarked block type figure. In 2001, the company announced a bear-shaped block type figure “Be@rbrick” which has collaborated with various artists, brands, companies and characters from all over the world.

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JOHN 5 Teams Up With MEDICOM TOY For 'Be@rbrick' Figure
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JOHN 5 Teams Up With MEDICOM TOY For 'Be@rbrick' Figure
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