For The Love Of Metal Live – Dee Snider

Ignoring the fact that releasing a live album in the midst of this gig-free nightmare seems a bit like waving a rare steak under the nose of a starving dog, “For The Love Of Metal Live” is almost certainly the supercharged pick-me-up that restless metalheads need right now. Once again, discerning folk should salute Jamey Jasta for facilitating Dee Snider‘s righteous and riotous return to full-bore heavy metal action, because there are few things more uplifting or more honestly entertaining than the sound of the seemingly ageless TWISTED SISTER frontman returning to what he does best. Aside from having one of the greatest voices of all time, Dee‘s insane energy levels and irrepressible demeanor turned his global jaunt in support of comeback album “For The Love Of Metal” into an outright celebration. And while this live set is comprised of an assortment of performances from various points around the planet, it smartly captures the sheer vitality of the (apparently!) 65-year-old New Yorker and the fiery but eminently tasteful power of his band.

The song selection could hardly be more spot on. With all of the best songs from that astonishing studio record, plus a shrewdly picked flurry of TWISTED SISTER classics and a strident and snotty tear through AC/DC‘s “Highway To Hell”, it’s a bit like being bludgeoned by positivity, riffs and enormous choruses (and it feels good, obviously).

If you want highlights, both “I Am The Hurricane” and “Become The Storm” already feel like classics, while the extra heaviness and aggression of Dee‘s young band have given to the likes of “Burn In Hell” and “Under The Blade” brings them bang up to date in the best possible way. As an added (and somewhat expected) bonus, everything that comes out of Dee‘s mouth in between the songs is solid gold.

The most thrilling thing about “For The Love Of Metal Live” is that it sounds like the beginning of something new and exciting, rather than a lap of honor from some jaded heritage artist. It may be no substitute for a real live show, but this veteran’s tour de force is more alive, intense and electrifying than most. Let’s hope, Dee Snider is back for good, because we need the crazy old bastard.
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For The Love Of Metal Live – Dee Snider
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For The Love Of Metal Live – Dee Snider
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