SEBASTIAN BACH To CHRIS JERICHO: 'Don't Pretend That You Do What I Do'

Sebastian Bach has continued his Twitter tirade against Chris Jericho over allegations that the FOZZY frontman uses pre-recorded vocal tracks during live performances.

Just hours after Bach initially accused Jericho of “miming to a tape” at FOZZY concerts, the former SKID ROW vocalist defended his position, firing back against several Jericho supporters over their claim that the wrestler-turned-singer performs all of his vocals live.

After one Twitter user took issue with Bach‘s assertion that Jericho “does not do what I do,” Sebastian doubled down, writing: ” Yes sing live. He does not do what I do. And wrestling is fake I know it makes you mad”

Bach, who has been outspoken about rock bands using pre-recorded backing tracks during live shows, also responded to FOZZY guitarist Rich Ward, who called Sebastian “universally disliked” and said that seeing Bach “publicly go after the only guy that I have ever witness utter a nice word about him is sad.”

Sebastian included a screenshot showing that Ward had apparently blocked him from viewing his tweets, and he wrote in an accompanying message: “So this guy calls me ‘sad’ + I really would like to know why. I’m not sad at all. I’m happy that you guys get to live your fantasy of rock and roll. But please, don’t pretend that u do what I do. Are we supposed to pretend that this is live? Come on man” He also added a link to a Facebook video of a November 2018 FOZZY show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where several concert-goers accused Jericho of singing along to pre-recorded tracks.

Another Twitter user asked Bach why he “won’t let it go” and insisted that Sebastian was making himself “look like a bitter prick,” to which the rocker responded: “I am a bitter prick. Next tour I will get the tapes out and be a really nice guy. Singing is hard. If you’re going to fake it you don’t deserve to be in a category with somebody that does it for real”

A few minutes later, a self-proclaimed Bach fan called Sebastian “an asshat” for firing “the first shots” in his war of words with Jericho. This prompted Bach to come back with: “Hey man f*** you. I have spent my life learning how to sing live on stage. When someone comes along and mimes to a tape it sucks for all of the rest of us that don’t. You want to go see a wrestling match good. Don’t call it rock and roll”

Earlier today, Jericho challenged Bach to a “singoff” with “no effects, no tuning, no bullshit” in response to Sebastian‘s accusations. “Bas is a great singer…but I’m better,” Chris wrote on Twitter.” He added: “I’ve never mimed anything ever! I will fucking sing in your face anytime, anyplace dude. I’ve been a fan & a defender of u since day one…but don’t u ever question my rock abilities!” Bach then wrote: “You’re full of s*** bro. Check your texts set up The Sing-Off I am ready when you are”

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SEBASTIAN BACH To CHRIS JERICHO: 'Don't Pretend That You Do What I Do'
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SEBASTIAN BACH To CHRIS JERICHO: 'Don't Pretend That You Do What I Do'
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