THE BLACK CROWES' CHRIS ROBINSON: 'I Understand Where I Let My Brother Down Over The Years'

THE BLACK CROWES' CHRIS ROBINSON: 'I Understand Where I Let My Brother Down Over The Years'

Brothers Chris and Rich Robinson of THE BLACK CROWES spoke to about the 30th-anniversary reissue of their their multi-platinum 1990 debut album, “Shake Your Money Maker”, as well as their upcoming tour. The trek will be the band’s first since THE BLACK CROWES officially disbanded in 2014, with Rich Robinson releasing a statement at the time suggesting his brother demanded that he give up his equal share of the band.

Asked about their current relationship, Chris said: “I would say [we have a] great relationship, because I understand — and I’m a man, so I can deal with it — I understand where I let my brother down over the years, where I really should have been his brother, but I wasn’t his brother — even though my actions at the time facilitated that. But by the way, that’s kind of sometimes… Rock and roll, especially those first 10 years, was mean. You have to be tough. Rock and roll bands are, like — you leave your dead by the side of the road and keep on going, you know what I mean? It wasn’t a sensitive place; it wasn’t a nurturing place. I’m hardly pretending I’m not unimaginably sensitive and had my own negative or destructive ways of dealing with whatever. I mean, the best part about it is you’re creative, you’re an artist, so, for better or for worse, you, [through] almost osmosis, you envelope all the things you are, because the people around you and the machine that you are running runs on a lot of emotional energy. To be able to write songs that have emotional connection, no matter what that is — through the music, the melody, the imagery, and then subsequently the recording and the performance and what that means and how that changes. It’s a lot.”

A year ago, Chris told Planet Rock‘s “My Planet Rocks” about the differences that led to THE BLACK CROWES‘ split: “It’s funny, I think it was way more personal reasons than musical ones, although we had our musical differences here and there. But just the whirlwind of the first decade of this band and the things we survived — the good things, the bad things — we never had a chance to stop and take any inventory, emotionally or physically [or] mentally. All change is cathartic in nature. But taking that time off and being where we are now, Rich and I having that time apart, has allowed us this opportunity to sort of start again as brothers and be adults and look at each other’s lives without resentment and judgment and without any of the issues or hassles of the past. That being said, I think Rich and I, no matter what, the music is always there for us. We have that language together. Rich, when he plays me something, I grab a piece of paper and start humming a melody and we write. That’s what we do, when it’s time to do that. That was never one of our issues; the music was never an issue, really.”

“Shake Your Money Maker” will be re-released in multi-formats sets on February 26 through UMe/American Recordings. Chris and Rich Robinson, with original producer George Drakoulias, oversaw the creation of the re-release. Most exciting are the 4LP and 3CD Super Deluxe versions, which include the original album, remastered; three never-before-heard studio recordings; two previously unreleased demos from the band’s early incarnation as MR. CROWE’S GARDEN; B-sides; a spectacular, high-energy 14-song unreleased concert recorded in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia in December 1990; reproductions of an early MR. CROWE’S GARDEN show flyer, setlist and tour laminate; a four-inch CROWES patch; and a 20-page book with liner notes by David Fricke.

“Shake Your Money Maker” was released originally in 1990 when rock was dominated by cheesy pop and hair metal. THE BLACK CROWES gave the genre a much-needed swift kick in the ass with their debut album. That album, fueled by singles “Jealous Again”, “Twice As Hard”, “She Talks To Angels” and a rollicking cover of fellow Georgian Otis Redding‘s “Hard To Handle”, the band immediately took the music world by storm, selling over five million records and topping Rolling Stone‘s “Best New American Band Readers Poll” in late 1990.

THE BLACK CROWES plan to hit the road this summer on “The Black Crowes Present: Shake Your Money Maker” tour and will play “Shake Your Money Maker” in its entirety, plus all of their hits.

The new lineup of THE BLACK CROWES played two concerts in November 2019 — in West Hollywood, California and in New York City.

Joining Chris and Rich Robinson in THE BLACK CROWES‘s current incarnation are EARTHLESS guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, former TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND bassist Tim Lefebvre along with ONCE AND FUTURE BAND members Joel Robinow on keyboards and Raj Ojha on drums.

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THE BLACK CROWES' CHRIS ROBINSON: 'I Understand Where I Let My Brother Down Over The Years'
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TOM MORELLO Partners With SiriusXM For His Streaming Channels, Weekly Show And Podcast

TOM MORELLO Partners With SiriusXM For His Streaming Channels, Weekly Show And Podcast

SiriusXM announced today a new collaboration with groundbreaking rock guitarist and acoustic troubadour Tom Morello, including all-original content that spans three new streaming music channels and a new additional weekly show beginning March 2, and an original podcast, beginning March 3.

The content hand-crafted by Morello includes streaming music channels that are part of SiriusXM‘s Xtra Channels offering, which has expanded even more since its debut of 100 curated music channels in early 2019. Morello‘s music channels will amplify the intersection where music and activism collide, a wide range of heavy metal music, and will explore his personal influences and musical collection.

“When SiriusXM approached me about doing a new slate of shows, I only had one condition: I say what I wanna say and I play what I wanna play,” said Morello. “When the right combination of rhythm and rhyme washes over a huge throng or transmits through an ear bud it can provide a spark for action or a life raft for survival. Music MATTERS. And I’m very much looking forward to inflicting on listeners the music that matters to me.”

“We are more than excited for Tom to bring his unique and respected voice in both music and activism across multiple platforms to our listeners,” said Scott Greenstein, president and chief content officer, SiriusXM. “SiriusXM offers artists, such as Tom, the flexibility to express their creativity through live radio, streaming, and podcasts, across our distinct, but coordinated services including SiriusXM, Pandora and Stitcher.”

Tom Morello’s Battle Hymns Radio (ch. 1124) will thread the needle between music and activism throughout history and genres. The channel will provide an audio assault of rebel anthems featuring the freedom songs of the 1960s, the hip hop music that has been standing up for black lives for decades, and the mosh pit-inciting, radically raging rock.

Tom Morello’s Heavy Metal Happy Hour Radio (ch. 1122) will feature a hand-selected array of heavy metal music, ranging from hidden gems to classic cuts for a happy hour that never ends.

Tom Morello’s Riffs, Rhymes, & Rebellion Radio (ch. 1123) will dive deep into Morello‘s personal record collection to showcase the diverse sonic landscape of riffs, beats, and ballads that shaped his music and career.

Tom Morello‘s three Xtra channels are the latest additions to SiriusXM‘s stable of music channels created with iconic artists including THE BEATLES, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, PEARL JAM, Eminem, LL COOL J, PHISH, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Kirk Franklin, Diplo, Bob Marley, B.B. King, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and more.

SiriusXM‘s E Street Radio will debut “Tom Morello’s Radio Comandante”, a weekly show dedicated to a new musical theme, featuring a collection of wildly diverse songs that have influenced him as an artist. Each week his show will air on a SiriusXM channel that suits the current show’s theme. The premiere show of “Tom Morello’s Radio Comandante” will focus on the theme of American class consciousness and examine the 80-year history behind Bruce Springsteen‘s song “The Ghost Of Tom Joad”. The show will air Tuesday, March 2 at 10 a.m. ET and 4 p.m. ET on channel 20, with replays throughout the week.

This is Morello‘s second weekly show on SiriusXM, following the incredible success of “Tom Morello’s One Man Revolution” on SiriusXM‘s Lithium channel, where Morello shares stories spanning his 30-year career as a groundbreaking artist, while taking listeners on a fearless exploration through ’90s alternative & grunge music that ignited a revolution. “Tom Morello’s One Man Revolution” airs every Monday at 4 p.m. ET on channel 34.

Adding to the latest array and launch of SiriusXM‘s original, exclusive and popular podcasts is “Tom Morello’s Maximum Firepower”, which will be available on the SiriusXM app, Pandora, Stitcher, and wherever listeners access their podcasts, beginning Wednesday March 3 and air weekly on SiriusXM‘s Volume, channel 106 every Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. ET, also beginning on March 3. This SiriusXM original weekly podcast will focus on the music, the moments, and the movements that have shaped Tom‘s worldview and left an indelible mark on him as an artist and activist.

For all information on Tom Morello‘s Xtra channels, shows and podcast, go to this location.

Subscribers are able to listen online, on-the-go with the SiriusXM mobile app, and at home on a wide variety of connected devices including smart TVs, devices with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku, Sonos speakers and more.
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TOM MORELLO Partners With SiriusXM For His Streaming Channels, Weekly Show And Podcast
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QUEENSRŸCHE's TODD LA TORRE Releases Music Video For New Solo Single 'Hellbound And Down'

QUEENSRŸCHE's TODD LA TORRE Releases Music Video For New Solo Single 'Hellbound And Down'

QUEENSRŸCHE frontman Todd La Torre has released the official music video for his solo song “Hellbound And Down”. The clip, which was directed and filmed by Thomas Crane of killDevil Films, is a fiery visual that accompanies one of the heaviest tracks on La Torre’s full-length debut, “Rejoice In The Suffering”, which arrived on February 5 via Rat Pak Records. Todd‘s songwriting partner Craig Blackwell delivers a punishing guitar riff fronted by Todd singing and screaming as fans have not heard before.

Says Todd: “‘Hellbound And Down’ is about crossing a line and paying a price. Musically, it is an action-packed metal tune with relentless groove, varying vocal textures, and vocal range. This song once again showcases stellar guitar riffs and soloing by Craig Blackwell.”

The idea for a solo album was always in the cards for Todd. With QUEENSRŸCHE tour dates postponed indefinitely, the world events offered Todd the opportunity to explore his ideas for the effort. Todd teamed up with Blackwell, alongside producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris, to create a diverse heavy metal album that draws influence from different styles. These styles will surprise fans who only know La Torre from his previous work with QUEENSRŸCHE or CRIMSON GLORY.

From the album’s opening riffs of “Dogmata” to the vocal acrobatics that drive the album closer “Apology”, it is apparent that La Torre has a true love of heavy metal. With Todd playing drums and recording the vocals for the album, songs like “Darkened Majesty” and “Critical Cynic” offer an inside look into his musical mind. Blackwell‘s guitar playing provides the perfect musical accents to La Torre‘s vocals. Todd even finds vocal wails not heard from him before as showcased on the title track and the punishing “Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall”. The deluxe version of the album features three bonus tracks: “Fractured”, “Set It Off” and “One By One”.

In a recent interview with Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio, Todd stated about the differences in his songwriting approach for QUEENSRŸCHE and that for his solo project: “They’re apples and oranges. They’re totally separate things. I don’t write guitars, really, in like a QUEENSRŸCHE way. That’s not where I shine in QUEENSRŸCHE. I think my lyric writing and my vocal phrasing and delivery and that sort of thing, that’s kind of my asset to the writing process for QUEENSRŸCHE music. I would never try to push this kind of style or sound into QUEENSRŸCHE music. I don’t really write music — I mean, I co-write stuff with them, and I might have a guitar riff idea or something, but they’re totally separate things, and I would never, never want to pollute the waters of QUEENSRŸCHE with what I’m doing.”

He continued: “I think because I’ve been able to get this first [solo album] out, I think that my eagerness to do things with QUEENSRŸCHE definitely takes a backseat, because I have this other outlet to do those things. So, I feel less inclined to be, like, ‘Oh, I need to scream here and show people what I can do on this.’ I really want to just respect what QUEENSRŸCHE‘s sound is and not change. I don’t want to change the style and sound of what QUEENSRŸCHE is and should be. I very much draw a line in the sand where, you know, I can experiment and try some things that might be fitting for a QUEENSRŸCHE song, but as far as pushing that on to them, I feel, because I got that done, I’m more relaxed doing the QUEENSRŸCHE stuff where I don’t feel like I have to try to sneak in something heavier, because nobody’s got to hear that from me. Now they get to hear a plethora of styles from me on this record.”

“Rejoice In The Suffering” track listing:

01. Dogmata
02. Pretenders
03. Hellbound And Down
04. Darkened Majesty
05. Crossroads To Insanity
06. Critical Cynic
07. Rejoice In The Suffering
08. Vexed
09. Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall
10. Apology

Bonus tracks (deluxe version only)

11. Fractured
12. Set It Off
13. One By One

La Torre joined his first band BLACKWELL as the drummer, performing in high school talent shows and entering into the club rock music scene in Tampa Bay, Florida. In 2009, Todd was suggested to CRIMSON GLORY guitarist Jon Drenning by a mutual friend to help with some vocal rehearsals in preparation for a CRIMSON GLORY memorial concert. This would pave the way for more collaborations with the band, eventually joining as the band’s new permanent vocalist. La Torre was the lead singer for CRIMSON GLORY from late 2010 until resigned from the band in early 2013. In 2012, Todd became a household name in the metal world when he officially became the new lead vocalist of QUEENSRŸCHE. The band immediately began touring globally and started writing new material for the self-titled 2013 album “Queensrÿche”. To date, QUEENSRŸCHE has released three studio albums with La Torre: “Queensrÿche”, “Condition Hüman” (2015) and “The Verdict” (2019). Currently the band is writing new material for a fourth release for Century Media Records.

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QUEENSRŸCHE's TODD LA TORRE Releases Music Video For New Solo Single 'Hellbound And Down'
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Jon Donais (ANTHRAX, SHADOWS FALL) and Matt Bachand (SHADOWS FALL, ACT OF DEFIANCE) have teamed up once again in the new band LIVING WRECKAGE.

The audio onslaught brought on by Donais, Bachand, Jeff Gard (DEATH RAY VISION), Matt LeBreton (DOWNPOUR) and Jon Morency (LET US PREY) is described in a press release as “a high-energy hybrid of hard rock and metal that has been a long time coming.”

Donais comments: “I have been wanting to do a band of this style for a long time — good ol’ hard rock/metal that fits somewhere between SKID ROW and PANTERA. I was lucky enough to find the perfect guys for this, and it’s great to be playing original music again with my SHADOWS FALL bandmate Matt Bachand. I can’t wait to share some music with everyone.”

Singer Jeff Gard adds: “We have a little something for everyone. Metalheads and rock purists alike can all come together to join the party.”

LIVING WRECKAGE‘s full-length debut will be released later in the year. The effort is being produced and engineered by Shane Frisby (UNEARTH, BURY YOUR DEAD) and mixed by Pete Rutcho (REVOCATION, FALLING IN REVERSE). Expect the first taste of music from the band to surface very soon.


Jeff Gard (DEATH RAY VISION) – Vocals
Jon Donais (ANTHRAX, SHADOWS FALL) – Guitar
Matt LeBreton – (DOWNPOUR) – Guitar
Jon Morency (LET US PREY) – Drums

For more information, visit
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Access All Worlds – IOTUNN

Access All Worlds – IOTUNN

Heavy music is often at its most powerful when, on a creative level, caution is thrown to the wind. But you don’t generally expect bands to smash open the doors of riff-centric perception on their debut album. Therefore, it seems reasonable to infer that IOTUNN are not like other bands. Not least due to the magical vocal presence and charisma of HAMFERБs Jón Aldará, “Access All Worlds” is, from start to finish, an immersive, spine-tingling feast for the ears. Audaciously tricky to pin down, this Danish crew have conjured something wonderfully distinctive here. Marrying the epic bluster of black and pagan metal to the lysergic rush of space rock and the strident melodies of the prog and power worlds, they’ve conjured something simultaneously fresh and familiar, not to mention colossally epic in a way that most supposedly epic metal records can only dream about.

Opener “Voyage of the Garganey I” was released as a single recently, and it set the scene for this extraordinary album perfectly with seven minutes of grandiloquent, shimmering, melodic metal. Spiritually rooted in extremity but blessed with grand theatrical flair, IOTUNN sound like the house band for some unfathomable intergalactic voyage through alien dimensions and swarms of marauding spaceships. The reported concept behind “Access All Worlds” seems to hint at a collective love of dark science fiction and the philosophical turmoil that often comes with it, but there is also something thrillingly joyful about the immaculate, stirring bombast on display here.

The title track is even more astonishing: with its glacial gait recalling “Twilight…” BATHORY, but with the emotional depths and fizzing crescendos of WHILE HEAVEN WEPT at their sky-rending best, it’s progressive and perverse in equal measure. There is even a hint of frostbitten black metal tension pulsing in the background, as Aldará‘s multi-octave sermonizing swirls across a maze of riffs and tearstained motifs for 12 fascinating minutes. It all sounds vast, as if beamed across galaxies by some metal-friendly cosmic deity, but still with a sturdy backbone of brutal precision.

Throughout it all, IOTUNN sound delighted by their own limitless imaginations. From the dense and sprawling “Waves Below” and the pitch-black gothic squall of “The Tower of Cosmic Nihility” to the blastbeat-boosted, psychedelic futurism of 14-minute closer “Safe Across the Endless Night”, the sheer strength and sophistication of the Danes’ musical vision — at, it probably bears repeating, the first attempt — is worthy of celebration. Something special is happening here, folks.

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Access All Worlds – IOTUNN
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